A Qualitative Analysis of HIV Risk Perception among African-Immigrants in the United States.

Esther T. Ogunjimi, PhD, MSW, LCSW ; Jackson de Carvalho, PhD

Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs of Inclusion on Curacao

Joseph Sencibaugh, Ph.D.; Angela Sencibaugh, Ed.D.; Jennifer Bond, M.A.E.

Best Practices for Monitoring Students’ Cognitive Load in Online Courses: A Case Study at a University in Iowa

Dan V. Dao, Ph.D.

Barriers That Affect HBCU Students’ Help Seeking Behavior

Obyung Kwun, Ghasem S. Alijani, Robin Johnson

An Analysis of the Characteristics of 3rd Grade Addition and Subtraction Problems in Online Web Resources

Jenna Ryals, Peyton Prausa, Daniel McFarland, Paige Meszaros, Onder KOKLU

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