A Quantitative Analysis of Emporium Developmental Mathematics Pass Rates for Student Demographics

Dr. David Wang

Evaluating and Understanding Greek Students’ Perceptions toward Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics’ Subject

Amalia Karamitrou

Evaluating Students’ Attitudes Toward STEM Education: The Case of Greek Pre-Service Teachers

Lazaros Anastasiadis, Poulcheria Zirinoglou

Symbiosis under Conflict: On the Convergence and Symbiosis of Left-wing and Right-wing Films in Hong Kong from 1950s to 1970s

Nicong Zhao

Greek teachers’ Perceptions Toward Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills

Amalia Karamitrou

Teachers’ Perceptions Concerning the Future of Professional Development in The Wake of The Covid-19 Pandemic

Gilad Cohen-Ynon, Moshe Sharabi, Anat Hillel

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