A Review of Current Gifted Education Journals: Information for New Faculty

Jessica Cannaday

Implementing Co-Teaching Models in University Settings to Enhance Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy towards working within Inclusion Settings

Regina Rahimi, Toni Franklin

Principal Perceptions of Strategies to Increase Effectiveness of Educational NonGovernmental Organizations in Southern Belize

Wesley D. Hickey

Foreign Language Competence & World Citizen Value Orientation

Youqin YUAN   

The Effect of Multimedia Learning on the Third Grade of Thai Primary Pupils Achievement in Pronunciation Proficiency

Mathukorn Jingjit

Managing Public Preschool Education: Links between School Leadership and Provisions of Service Quality

Farah Laili Muda Ismail, Anita Ismail

Student Athletes’ Perceptions of Sexual Harassment Lynn Hunt-Long

Regina Rahimi, Delores D. Liston

Covert Actuality: Stray Cultures Launch World War III